Yeni Yuzu Facial

a journey to the heaven of beauty

Innovative facial using products with natural ingredients from pure herbal oils and extracts. Get a hydrated, fresh and radiant skin.

The facial includes 4 successive stages.

  1. Gentle and deep cleansing using hydrophilic oil with Herb base and revitalizing extracts
  2. Peeling with rounded peach kernels to remove facial scabs and dead cells.
  3. Special mask for rejuvenation, hydration, regeneration (for sensitive skin, for mixed and oily skin, for dry and dehydrated)
  4. Face massage with special cream from extracts (vitamin E, Edelweiss, Macadamia oil, Jojoba oil, panthenol) for ultimate glow, freshness, vitality.

Clean face means bright face that looks health and fresh. A deep cleansing of the face is necessary to recover your skin smoothness and remove blackheads and dead cells.

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Where: Beaute Room

Duration: 60′

Cost: 35€
Offer 73€ combined with Passa Hammam