From Queen Siva & King Salomon

A treatment based on historical worship scipts of Sun God dating back to the time of Ancient Egyptians and the Orphic hymnodies. It was a time that thousands of essences were mixed in order to treat face and body. The time that essences combined with honey and coriander cured skin diseases.

Experience the anti ageing – relaxation and beauty ritual, adopted by the the Byzantine emperors in Polis Hammam – Polis Loutron .

In a mystical environment, our specialized therapists prepare body and face to accept the beneficial properties of an essence also known as “myrrh” which was one of the gifts the three Kings offered to the newborn Christ.

The service includes:

-Steam bath in the Hammam with angiospermae to remove toxins, strengthen the body and reduce muscle tension

-Special massage movements throughout the bath treatment

-Natural herbal products application of natural herbal products and sacred healing herbs used by Hippocrates and physicians through the centuries. These herbs are rich in resveratrol and sesquiterpene known for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti aging, stimulating and regenerative properties. They are also against free radicals, they nourishes and strengthens skin elasticity, heals the skin and prevents stretch marks.

-A natural process of exfoliation in order to remove dead cells from the keratin layer giving their place to new healthy cells which makes your skin young and beautiful

-Body and head bathing with natural materials to remove any unnecessary and dirty.

-A drink to stimulate your energy

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Location: Hammam

Duration: 70′


Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit