Feel yourself for a day as an ancient Greek athlete.

After entering the hammam you will apply a volcanic clay mask to your body and face. This valuable mask deconstructs toxins and dead cells by providing vitality, beauty and health. Stay in this warm and humid place for about 30 minutes. Then rub your entire body with the special glove to deeply and completely exfoliate the skin and remove toxins from the pores. You will get a firm and velvety soft skin.
After this enjoyable ritual you will enjoy, in a special relaxation area, a Greek herbal cocktail drink, inspired by the ancient Greeks’ habits, for strength and longevity.


Location: Hammam

Service: Self  Service

Duration: 60′

Price: 30€


1. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit

2. combine your bath with a soothing massage at a discount price or with a facial treatment or buy the individual membership package in the offer price.