From the Greco-Roman era and after their incorporation with the Ottoman tradition of bathing – cleansing – purifying the body and soul, wellness, beauty, relaxation and purity have been integral elements of human nature for centuries.

With these thoughts as a guide combined with history and tradition we create the Polis Hammam – Polis Loutron.
(Loutron = bath, in ancient Greek language).

We remind you that in ancient Greece, the hydrotherapy, used the energy of water for therapeutic purposes and Hippocrates and Asclepius physicians adopted hydrotherapy and massage for the prevention and treatment of body injuries of athletes and warriors.

Traditional Hammam” is a hydrotherapy treatment and differs substantially from a simple bathroom, a part of a spa, or other similar space, where prefabricated steam baths are used.

Apart from the cleanness of the body, it is also a place of social contact, well-being and relaxation.
It is a place intertwined with the daily life for the inhabitants of the city and its visitors.
It is a continuous and lively process.

At Polis Hammam-Polis Loutron, you will find the classic marble warm space with impressive dome, polygonal marble countertops, carved troughs with running waters from traditional taps, and marble warm beds , where all the rites of Authentic Bath Care(hydrotherapy) are done, with all the traditional clothing and materials, as well as the necessary relaxation afterwards, in dedicated relaxing areas.

The process of the Authentic Traditional Bath(hydrotherapy) is divided into three symbolic stages:
Purification, Cleansing-Restoration and Enjoyment, so, the organization of the service follows the same logic.

After the initial stay in the hot steam room (Purification), the therapists take over, where the skin is first peeled off and washed with olive soap (Cleansing-Restoration) .Finally the process is completed with a body and head foam massage (Enjoyment).

Choose one of the many unique therapies of the authentic traditional bath we offer and combine it with one of the massage treatments with the exclusive protocols we created, to make you feel rejuvenated and relieved of your daily problems.

Our therapies are unique and are based on specific regeneration protocols.

Give yourself and your loved ones a gift of well-being because you deserve it .