Join your forces with Polis Hammam® – Polis Loutron®

*Promoting your business:

  • If you are looking for an opportunity in a special and original marketing campaign either to promote  products or services
  • Presentation of ideas, books, open discussions, seminars, photography or painting exhibitions
  • If you are looking for team building activities for employees
    …………….. before planning your corporate event, please contact us to explore all possibilities.

The Communication Department of Polis Hammam® – Polis Loutron®, will be at your disposal to hear, discuss, suggest and organize the event that interests you in our unique environment.

Choose Polis Hammam® – Polis Loutron® for your corporate event. Give your business the prestige and seek for the communication needs of present days.
Experience enables us, to consistently and professionally handle your corporate event, so that it has the luxury and visibility it deserves. .
Our standards are high enough to guarantee a successful event.

* Corporate benefits for employees
Most companies may not think that a  hydrotherapy or a massage can be good for themselves.
But when realizes the physical and emotional value, they offer, they will find it to be an excellent business move,  to provide their employees,  with rest and relaxation activities.
There is a wealth of studies and research that prove,  that happy employees are more productive.
Here are the benefits of an hour of relaxation that will make a significant difference to your business:

  • They improve mood and reduce stress
  • They increase the energy of the employee
  • They enhance concentration and a clear mind
  • They provide an incentive for pleasant work
  • They improve morale and confidence in the workplace
  • They strengthen the immune system
  • They reduce headaches and eye strain
  • They have direct financial benefits for the company through individual satisfaction and health improvement.


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