Get to know the benefits of sauna

The sauna is beneficial to the healthy body, in addition to slimming and detoxifying.
From eliminating stress and losing weight to relieving pain and reducing cardiovascular risk.
The blood vessels are enlarged and increased blood supply keeps the tissues in good shape and restricts the populations of microorganisms.It also benefits both, the nervous  and the circulation systems. Sweating as well as many other processes and functions within the body accelerate metabolism and cleanse the organs and skin.

If you have a health problem, be sure to talk to your doctor before trying it.
It is noted that those who are easily dehydrated or have low or high blood pressure may be stunned in a hot sauna.
It is not advisable to drink alcohol before getting into it.

Contraindications: People with asthma, rheumatism, kidney disease, inflammation, coronary and heart failure problems, influenza infections, low or high blood pressure.

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Tip: Combine the sauna with a beneficial full body massage for best results.