Hollistic “ritual” for protection against infections, detoxification, relaxation, anti-aging, longevity, shine and beauty.

Travel through time and feel  the unique experiential experience of bath therapy,  that was worshiped in Ancient Greece, using unique miracle materials and raw materials used by them.

HISTORY: The goddess Athena gives  the youth to King Laertis, Odysseus’ old father, in a bath,  to fight alongside his child against the Penelope’s  challengers.
Homer praises Bath Therapy in the Odyssey, giving it its own healing powers.  Ancient Greeks in the 5th century BC, adopting the principles of Hippocrates and Asclepius, established  the “ritual” of bathing with oils and herbs , as a holistic method , for the recovery of physical and mental illnesses.

SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Sweat bath. Combination masks on body, face and hair made of natural mineral consisting of more than 70 trace elements. This “magic” material eliminates toxins, impurities and heavy metals.
A recipe that comes thousands of years ago, we use volcanic clay in combination with beneficial oils to care and regenerate the skin of the face and scalp. This precious mask deconstructs toxins and dead cells by providing vitality, beauty and health
For the body we continue with the recipe used by Alexander the Great. A unique cocktail of magical fragrance beneficial oils that relax the muscles, soothe the nervous system, prevent rheumatism, relieve musculoskeletal pain, cure skin infections and protect the respiratory system. This blend offered its warriors total well-being as it has antiseptic, antibacterial and fungicidal properties.
Exfoliating body and face with Hippocratic technique for healthy, smooth, perfectly clean and youthful skin.
Cream and oils for the body with Greek herbs ,that according to mythology,  used by goddess Hera , for anti-aging, moisturizing, firming and rejuvenating.
Special  kneading by Hippocratic technique for total relaxation.
Finally, a delicious Greek drink made from herbal cocktails and inspired by ancient Greek habits of strength and longevity.

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Location: Hammam

Duration: from 75′

Price: 80€


1. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit

2. Combine your bath with a soothing massage at a discount price or with a facial treatment or buy the individual membership package in the offer price.