The absolute and complete experience.

Experience the full ritual of a complete healing coming from the depths of the ages
Combining heat, special pressures and stretches throughout the body and body care.
Leave your body and mind in the hands of the therapist to offer you the ideal massage treatment through pressures and stretches in the hot room, and continue with full exfoliation and beneficial bathing with traditional foam massage, which will take off all your sense of enjoyment, relaxation and cleanliness.
Feel the journey of pampering and see your body clean, supple and silky, with a sense of freshness and renewal.
After the enjoyable ritual, go to the special place for the necessary relaxation, combined with treat, aromatic tea and delight.

Who fits:

· Men – women who want a relaxation and ‘travel’ experience
· Those who want to experience intense massage in the hot room
· Those who want complete cleanliness and well-being
· Couples who want to do something together
· For demanding clients who need pressure – stretching in a massage
· For those in need of rest and detox

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Location: Hammam

Duration: έως 80 – 90′

Price: 95€


Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit