Unique sense of pleasure and rejuvenation in the neck, back, waist.

Working hours, the current lifestyle and the wrong posture, all, contribute to stiff neck, shoulder pain and headaches.
This treatment is intense and effective for areas of the body that are prone to stiffness and accumulated tension, due to its special technique, consisting of strong movements, which work deep within the muscles, relax and detoxify them, release tension from grip. and chronic muscle disorders and trigger the circulation.

Indulge in Neck-Back-Waist massage, which by using the appropriate oils,  relieves joint pain and stiffness, while aiming to restore muscle elasticity.

This massage is especially therapeutic for those suffering from chronic conditions, muscle spasm.

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Location: Massage Room

Duration: 25′

Price: 25€

**Τip: Combine it with a soothing bath ritual or with a facial treatment