A powerful massage to stimulate the body

It is a signature treatment designed exclusively for Polis Hammam®-Polis Loutron®.
Deep tissue pressures are a ritual of stimulating and energizing the body. A true art of massage applied to the whole body, including the application of special tools and essential oils with beneficial fragrances.

A complete enjoyment for the mind, body and soul.
It is the massage of the purification of the body and the soul. Completely intertwined with the philosophy of the ancient Greek bath. It is a method of purification and relaxation, a process that is a “deep” experience, a vigorous massage and wise at the same time.

A beneficial release from intense stress and anxiety, a refreshing experience.
A dynamic choice for anyone involved in intense physical activity consisting of a variety of techniques to strengthen the body. Deep massage movements allow your body to relax while enhancing lymphatic circulation.

It benefits both the musculoskeletal system and the circulatory and nervous system by providing deep relaxation and helping the body’s natural detoxification. It aims to stimulate the body, re-circulate blood to the veins, restore functionality through stretching, so as to leave the place full of energy and optimism.

This deep massage targets the aching muscles and enhances their healing after exercise or tension. The experienced hands of the masseurs work the muscle knots to eliminate the toxins and relieve the pain while promoting the well-being of the body.

It is recommended for tired muscles as this massage technique has a catalytic effect with immediate relief for the body. It can also be combined with other Bath services for maximum results.

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Location: Massage Room

Duration: 90′

Price: 80€

**Τip: Combine it with a soothing bath ritual or with a facial treatment