Massage is one of the most important weapons against cellulite

It has the potential to improve health, remove toxins from the body, rejuvenate tissues, enhance body function and soothe muscles.
It also reduces swelling and fluid retention while improving skin quality!
So with the massage you see your silhouette change.

Cellulite Massage is performed with a brush, by special techniques of hand massage in combination with traditional suction cups, by specialized partners, to stimulate blood vessels and increase blood flow.
Ιmproves the condition and appearance of the skin, giving it elasticity.
With deep and intense pressures and the use of a natural oil enriched with the appropriate essential oils, we achieve hyperemia and enhance its effects!

It is aimed at all women of all ages who want to get rid of fat imbalance and fluid retention in order to achieve excellent results!

Tip: It usually takes 10 visits to get results, but each organization is different.

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Location: Massage Room

Duration: 25′

Price: 25€

**Τip: Combine it with a soothing bath ritual or with a facial treatment