The true art of massage for the back surface of the body.

It is a signature treatment designed exclusively for Polis Hammam®-Polis Loutron®️ with deep tissue pressures that constitute a ritual of stimulating and activating the body. A true art of massage applied to the back surface of the body.

A complete enjoyment for the mind, body and soul.

It is the massage of the purification of the body and the soul, perfectly intertwined with the philosophy of the ancient Greek bath. It is a method of purification and relaxation, a process that is a “deep” experience, a vigorous massage and wise at the same time.
A beneficial release from intense stress and anxiety, a refreshing experience.
A dynamic choice for everyone involved in intense physical activity, made up of a variety of techniques to strengthen your body and will. Deep massage movements allow your body to relax and relax while enhancing lymphatic circulation.

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Location: Massage Room

Duration: 30′

Price: 30€

**Τip: Combine it with a soothing bath ritual at a discount price or with a facial treatment or buy the individual membership package in the offer price.