Together we can create the perfect celebration for you.

We will give you beautiful memories, precious moments, happy friendly companions that will be engraved in your memory and will follow you throughout the journey of your life.
Give yourself the precious opportunity to share unparalleled moments of joy, carefree, fun, taking a break from your daily routine.

Polis Hammam®-Polis Loutron® has the venues and services to help you celebrate in style and organize a unique and unforgettable event for you.

Birthday, celebration … whatever the occasion is, it is a special day for you and your guests.

Depending on your needs and budget, we can offer you a glamorous yet healthy and relaxing party with traditional baths, massages, body and face care for the time and people you want and extras such as natural juices, wine, accompanying dishes etc.

Select a store, request a quote and make your choice.