A beneficial treatment with multiple benefits.

This type of massage is based on the most oldest masage techniques. It is considered to be the ultimate experience of relaxing the whole body and balancing the mind. All daily tensions and worries dissipate, tight muscles relax and sometimes the mind slips into another dimension or even into deep sleep where in this case we awaken refreshed and awakened in full alertness.

Its main feature is that no oils are used and the recipient is dressed (in comfy clothes) throughout the session which is carried out on a special resting mattress on the floor.

Full-body stretching techniques and various forms of pressure are applied to the meridians with the masseur using various parts of his body, such as,  fingers, palms, elbows and legs.

Focuses on the basic energy lines of the body, in order to help release the energy flowing within us.
Fingers push specific parts of the body onto the skin and muscular system, to provide relief from pain, stiffness, tension and fatigue.

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Location: Massage Room

Duration: 55′

Price: 50€

**Τip: Combine it with a soothing bath ritual or with a facial treatment