Enjoy a mystical journey with a strong Eastern flavor.

Relax and experience a royal treat! The traditional rite begins with your stay in the warm marble hammam area, where specialized therapists, will cover your body with a detoxifying mask with excellent antioxidant properties. They will continue with a deep exfoliation on the face and body with the special glove to remove all dead cells and toxins.
Here is a beneficial enjoyable fragrance massage with 100% pure olive soap that will soothe all the senses of enjoyment, relaxation and cleanliness.
Then, will apply a special cream – mask for extra hydration of the face and body and immediate rejuvenation of the skin, which will leave a natural freshness and radiance.
The service is completed with relaxing movements on the neck & head during bathing and after with the necessary relaxation in the special area, where we offer you an aromatic oriental tea and a Traditional delight.

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Location: Hammam

Duration: 60′

Price: 69€


1. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit