Experience a mystical journey into the past with a scent of East

Relax and experience a royal treatment! The traditional ritual starts with your stay in the warm marble space, the hammam, where qualified therapists cover your body with a natural detoxifying mask of black Moroccan soap with exceptional antioxidant properties and continue with a deep exfoliation (face & body) with the special kesa glove to remove dead cells and toxins.

Then, a beneficial enjoyable soap massage with 100% pure olive soap will take off all sensations of pleasure, relaxation and cleanliness.

Afterwards, a special creme – mask is applied for extra facial and body hydration, instant rejuvenation leaving a naturally fresh and radiant skin.

The Sultan Hamam completes with relaxing movements to the neck-head during the hair wah and the necessary rest in special rest area where we offer an aromatic oriental tea and Turkish delight.

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Where: Hammam

Duration: up to 90′

Cost: 60€


1. Your stay in the hammam is recommended for 60 ‘- 90’ min.

2. Elderly people and those with serious health problems should have the consent of the attending doctor and should report before entering the hammam.

3. Hammam is not recommended for pregnant women and people with heart problems hypertension, hypotension, thrombosis, epilepsy etc. or contagious diseases.