a beneficial treatment with multiple benefits

The Thai massage is one of the ancient healing techniques; it is considered the ultimate experience of relaxation for the whole body and also balances the mind. Everyday tensions and worries dissappear and tense muscles relax. Sometimes the mind slips into another dimension or even in deep sleep, in which case you wake up refreshed and awake.

A key feature is that the therapist doesn’t use oil as the recipient is dressed with comfortable clothes throughout the session. Moreover, the entire massage session is performed on a special comfortable mattress lying on the floor.

Special stretching techniques applied throughout the body and also various types of pressure on the meridians as the therapist uses various parts of the body (such as fingers, palms, elbows and feet). The therapist focuses on the major energy lines of the body (always according to the ancient Thai tradition) to aid the release of energy that flows in us. The fingers press certain points on the body and the muscles to provide relief from pain, stiffness, tension, fatigue and disease symptoms.

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Where: Massage Room

Duration: 55′

Cost: 50€

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