Restore the perfect balance in your body

Reflexology is a method of alternative medicine based on the application of specific pressures and compressions in the sole and heel of the foot. It isn’t a simple type of massage, instead it focuses on specific body areas (soles, palms, ear lobes), which correspond to internal organs of the human body and affect them in a beneficial way. At the sole, there are 7,200 nerve endings from every part of our body, so specific pressures cause a “reflex” stimulus at each point and organ of the body separately.

The result is a stimulation of the nervous and defense system of the body in a totally natural method without the use of drugs and without the possibility of any side effects.

If you want to try a natural therapy such as reflexology, the problems it can treat and even cure are:

  1. Stress Relief
  2. Muscle Eelaxation
  3. Improvement of Blood Circulation
  4. Detoxification and Cleaning
  5. Balances the Body Energy

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Where: Massage Room

Duration: 40′

Cost: 37€

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