a unique experience of a ritual that restores the balance of the body and the soul

Entering the hammam, immediately you will experience a mystic journey to the past and a scent of East. Relax to enjoy the memorable Passa Hammam ritual. You will stay in the hammam to prepare your body for the bathing ritual, then you will get a full body exfoliation with the kesa glove to remove all dead cells and toxins.

The treatment continues with the beneficial soap massage with the pure olive soap and the relaxing hair wash to lift all the sensations of pleasure, relaxation and cleanliness

This magnificent ritual ends with the relax at the lounge to offer you a traditional treat, the aromatic oriental tea with a Turkish delight.

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Where: Hammam

Duration: up to 90′

Cost: 43€

Add Ons

Black Morrocan Soap Mask

Body Moisturizing


1. Your stay in the hammam is recommended for 60 ‘- 90’ min.

2. Elderly people and those with serious health problems should have the consent of the attending doctor and should report before entering the hammam.

3. Hammam is not recommended for pregnant women and people with heart problems hypertension, hypotension, thrombosis, epilepsy etc. or contagious diseases.