Relaxing before the big day.

At Polis Hammam® Polis Loutron® you will find a unique environment of harmony and beauty that mixes best practices with top traditional treatments.

In the past, honeymooners spent many hours in their hammam -bath treatment, seeking to enhance their personal beauty.
Lucky ones who choose the bridal package for this special moment of their lives will receive a 3 hour treatment that includes:

  • Traditional Hammam-Bath & Moisturizing Body Mask.
  • Beneficial full body massage.
  • Facial Rejuvenation.

The bridal package can also be adapted to the requirements of the groom.

You can enjoy these moments with your friends, get away with the stress of the impending date and enjoy a relaxing experience.
You will find that the social aspect of the baths is just as important as the treatments themselves

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Location: Hammam & Massage room

Duration: 180′

Price: 120€