A dynamic massage to stilmulate the body

Aritma Polis Massage…a signature treatment exclusively developmed for POLIS HAMMAM with deep pressures rite to stimulate and activate the energy of the body. A true art of full body massage that includes the application of special tools and essential oils with beneficial aromas.

An absolute pampering for the mind, body and soul.

It is the massage for body and soul purification, totally interwoven with the philosophy of the traditional hammam. A dynamic massage, an “intense” experience, wise and primitive simultaneously.

A strong release from the intensive stress and anxiety, a rejenerating experience.

A dynamic option with a great variety of techniques to stengthen the body and soul of all those who engage in vigorous physical activity. Deep massage movements allow your body to rest and relax while enhancing lymphatic microcirculation.

The Aritma Polis Massage benefits both the musculoskeletal, the circulatory and the nervous system resulting in a deep relaxation and intensifies the natural detoxification of the body. Its aim is to improve blood circulation, to restore joints functionality through stretching, so you will leave the place full of energy and optimism.

This deep-tissue massage targets the sore muscles and enhances their recovery after exercise or the everyday life stress. The experienced hands of our therapists work on the muscle knots and tensions for the elimination of toxins and pain treatment while promoting the complete wellbeing of the body.

The Aritma Polis Massage is recommended for tired, aching muscles as this massage technique has a catalytic effect with immediate relief effects for the body. It can also be combined with other services such as Passa Hammam, for maximum effect.

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Where: Massage Room

Duration: 50′

Cost: 43€

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Basic Hammam


Very effective for the pain relief, muscle tension, stress and blood circulation improvement. Your therapist will tailor the treatment to your needs by combining all the appropriate techniques.