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Post-Holidays Rapid Detox and Lypolisis Treatment

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Excessive eating and alcohol consumption over the Holidays period in combination with our everyday routine, overload our body with toxins that act in a cumulative way causing damage to our body and clog up the arteries.

Polis Hammam –Loutron® created and strongly recommends a new treatment of total Detox and rejuvenate.

It is time to gain back your energy and feel your best self!

Enjoy the ultimate experience with a treatment combination based on water, bathing, steaming, essential oils, natural minerals, massage and get rid of toxins once and for all.

Duration: approximately 2,5 hours

*A description of the service follows below

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Post-Holidays Rapid Detox and Lypolisis Treatment

1) Sauna for rapid and effective dehydration in combination with menthol essential oil, rich in detoxing properties.
A Relaxing procedure that improves metabolism, disintegrate body fat, provides deep skin cleansing, heart stimulation, boosts body immunity, improves respiration problems and treats insomnia.


2) Steam Bath. Opens up pores destroying toxins, improves blood circulation and triggers metabolism in combination with the traditional cleansing with two types of activated charcoal clay and mud mask that cleanses and rejuvenates all body cells.
Specifically: Eliminates toxins that remain “stuck” in the pores of the skin, removes all dead cells that makes you look dull and aging, destroys all unpleasant odors, stimulates cell regeneration and facilitates kidney function.
(It is also recommended as a treatment for people with acne)


3) Soothing and relaxing massage. Our special protocol facilitates lymph flow, normalizes blood circulation while persistent toxins are released through the lymph pathway and are eliminated by the body’s natural functions.


4) A cocktail made of the most powerful lipolytic-detoxifying herbs in the world to further enhance the process of eliminating junk accumulated in the body.


For maximum results we recommend the consumption of lemon water with no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or flavour enhancers, sugar, preservatives and with zero calories, which we will provide to you.




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