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Diana’s Body


Only at Polis Hammam the beauty treatment that was loved in Ancient Greece.

Get clean, smooth, youthful, and firm skin with no cellulite.

The secret beauty recipes of the women of Ancient Sparta combined with the evolution of technology exclusively at Polis Hammam.

Rejuvenate your skin, and get rid of cellulite naturally, easy, simple, Greek and relaxing!

Hot bath, combined with a rare special Siberian mud, enriched with herbal ingredients and essential oils, exfoliating with a special brush and rare frankincense elixir, give a unique health effect, freshness, firmness and neutralize toxins and cellulite.

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Diana’s Body treatment includes:

-Very hot steam bath.
The heat helps to open the skin pores and eliminate toxins It’s got excellent effect on blood circulation and metabolism.

-Smear with special Siberian mud, enriched with herbs and essential oils for best results.

Due to the increase in temperature, the skin begins to breathe actively, increasing its sensitivity and permeability, while the natural ingredients contained in the mud penetrate effectively. Thus, they stimulate the blood supply, speed up the metabolic processes in skin cells, facilitate weight loss, and make cellulite disappear. The biological extracts have an active tonic effect, soften and tighten skin’s structure and combined with the incense elixir provide absolute revitalization.

-Exfoliation with a brush, a natural process, which helps in combating cellulite, improves the blood circulation in the legs and tightens the skin.

The skin of the body is renewed every month, eliminating with natural process the dead cells from the stratum corneum giving place to new and healthy cells. But over time this process weakens and the dead cells remain for a longer time on the skin. Regular exfoliation removes dead cells, activates the microcirculation, rejuvenates the skin and facilitates better penetration of slimming product or anti-cellulite product.

-Applying body lotion for extra hydration from avocado and almond to increase collagen, which also has antioxidant properties and reduces freckles that appear over time.











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