Polis Hammam

Hammam is one of the oldest cleansing and purification rituals worldwide. The experience of bathing care from the East purifies the body and soul. This ancient tradition inspired us to create the Polis Hammam, an Authentic Traditional Hammam at the center of Athens (Psirri) and Thessaloniki (Kalamaria) where you experience a mystic journey back in time while is adapted to all modern amenities. A ”dip” at our inner world and the lost values of life.


Post-Holidays Rapid Detox and Lypolisis Treatment:

Excessive eating and alcohol consumption over the Holidays period in combination with our everyday routine, overload our body with toxins that act in a cumulative way causing damage to our body and clog up the arteries.

Polis Hammam –Loutron® created and strongly recommends a new treatment of total Detox and rejuvenate.

It is time to gain back your energy and feel your best self!

2020/01/23 11:00:00

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